Timeline Dashlet: Coming Soon to Sugar Sell

 Record View TimelineBy now you may have heard - the already-great Interactions dashlet has been revamped and renamed "Timeline" dashlet in Sugar's Q3 2021 (11.1) release. And guess what? Existing Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise customers don't need to do a thing to get it! When your instance is upgraded, anyone who could see the Interactions dashlet before the upgrade will automagically see the Timeline dashlet in its place.

But what if you loved the Interactions dashlet and can't live without it? Have no fear! Timeline does everything that Interactions did and more. You can still view all of the related interactions, but now you won't have to click into each one to expose the interaction details, and you'll also see timeline entries for any important changes made to the current record.

Timeline also lets you reply to and forward emails directly from the dashlet and, in Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve, it has the incredibly popular Focus icons for quick drill-down into activity records.