Action (Maybe!) Required for Sugar Administrators on Upgrade to 11.0 (Q2 2021)

With the exciting features rolling into our annual release, 11.0 (Q2 2021), comes some pointers for admins to ensure the best experience for your end users. Please refer to the following separate, but equally important, actions that admins may need to complete after upgrading:

Check your mass updateable fields

Sugar has made additional field types available for mass update (namely, checkbox, decimal, encrypt, float, iframe, integer, phone, relate, text, and URL). Fields of these types didn't previously have the Mass Update option, and were set to 'enabled' for mass update as part of this change. Administrators may want to check Studio and disable 'Mass Update' for any fields that they don't want users to mass update.

Re-save your Quotes configuration

Changes made to the quotes configuration are now going to be reflected in Sugar Mobile. If the changes you made to the Quotes Worksheet are not shown in Sugar Mobile, navigate to Admin > Quotes Configuration > Save to re-save any configuration options.

Re-add the Product Catalog dashlet

Prior to 11.0 (Q2 2021), users' access to either the Quotes or Opportunities modules was affecting whether or not they could access the Product Catalog dashlets in the Opportunities and Quotes record view dashboards. If you or any dashboard owner had added the Product Catalog dashlet or Product Quick Picks dashlet to Opps or Quotes record view prior to this upgrade, you will want to remove and then replace them to ensure that users who expect to see these dashlets actually can.

Add external web URLs to the CSP "trusted" list

Prior to 11.0 (Q2 2021), users could display just about any web content that they liked in Web Page dashlets and iframes. Now, Sugar will prevent any external web content from loading in iframes and/or Web Page dashlets until the URL is added as a trusted site in the new Content Security Policy Settings. On upgrade, your existing iframe fields and Web Page dashlets will probably show an error message. To restore the content, add the blocked URL as a trusted site via Admin > Content Security Policy Settings. Once you've saved, users should just refresh their browsers for the changes to take effect.