You can now use Sugar Maps in the mobile app!

Sugar Mobile 48.0 was released last week and includes a major feature worth checking out if you are a Sugar Maps user in the desktop app - the ability to map and route to records directly within the mobile app instead of having to open up your device's mapping application.

This has been a highly requested feature for some time and it's amazing to finally get to use it! Check out the documentation if you're looking for more details on how it works:

It's worth noting that if you are used to using the Map action to open your default mapping app and still want to do that, you can choose your preferred navigation provider in the Settings menu:

Just know that if you have access to Sugar Maps, you will still see a preview of the map within Sugar Mobile after tapping the Map action. Just tap "Route" to open up your chosen app from there:

While there are certainly more mapping capabilities that could be added to expand what you can do in the mobile app, this is a great foundation and we hope it will help those of you that work on the go!

Release Notes: