SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 is Live

SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

This latest SugarCRM Mobile release contains fixes for issues identified in prior releases of SugarCRM Mobile.

You can review more details about this update through the following release notes:

SugarCRM Mobile for Android Release Notes 6.3.1

SugarCRM Mobile for iOS Release Notes 6.3.1

SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 is compatible with Sugar 7.9 and above. Please review the Mobile Supported Platforms page for more information about device compatibility. 

All existing installations of SugarCRM Mobile will be upgraded through the phone or tablet’s native upgrade functionality. Alternatively, upgrades can be performed by searching for “SugarCRM Mobile” in the application store for your device or using the following links:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store 

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