SugarCRM MACS 1.1.0 Released!

We have officially released SugarCRM Mobile Application Configuration Service (MACS) 1.1.0!

This latest release addresses bugs identified in prior releases, specifically issues with pop-up prompts when editing pages. You can review more details about this update through the SugarCRM MACS Release Notes 1.1.0.


MACS enables eligible users to create custom-branded versions of SugarCRM Mobile, allowing promotion of their own brand and the ability to have more control over distribution. The customized app can be deployed via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or via a private app store for increased security and ease of distribution. More information about MACS can be found through the following links:

The Mobile Application Configuration Service can be accessed by eligible customers and partners through the Mobile Tools Portal or the Download Manager by selecting "Mobile Tools" from the dropdown. 

The Mobile Application Configuration Service is compatible with Sugar 6.7.1 and above.

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