Mobile App Version 66.0 is Live

Version 66.0 of SugarCRM's mobile app is now available on iTunes & Google Play:

What's new in version 66.0:

The following issues have been addressed in this release:

  • 93774: File attachments on records may not be downloadable if using the SugarCRM mobile app on a device with certain Android versions.
  • 93698: The app may become unresponsive when editing and saving changes to a record several times consecutively.
  • 93285: Dependent Action Buttons that are only displayed when certain criteria are true are not displayed in the mobile app, even when all the criteria are met.
  • 92474: A "record is invalid" error may be encountered if saving a record with dropdown-conditional views where all required fields are not included on the current view.

Review the SugarCRM Mobile App Release Notes for more information about this release.

Additional Documentation:

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