Mobile App Version 61.0 is Live

Version 61.0 of SugarCRM's mobile app is now available on iTunes & Google Play:

What's new in version 61.0:

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Report dashlet data tables: The Report dashlet now allows you to view the data table of report results for Rows and Columns, Summation, and Summation With Details reports so you can analyze the report data in more detail.
    • Freeze first column: Pin the first column of the table so that it stays in view as you scroll horizontally to view other columns.
    • Show, hide, and sort columns: Choose which columns are displayed in the table and sort by different columns as you view the report.
  • Run-time filters in Report dashlet: Access and update the report's run-time filters when viewing a Report dashlet so you can adjust the subset of data shown in the chart and the data table.

Review the SugarCRM Mobile App Release Notes for more information about fixed issues in this release.

Additional Documentation:

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