Mobile App Version 52.0 is Live

Version 52.0 of SugarCRM's mobile app is now available on iTunes & Google Play:

What's new in version 52.0:

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Cloud Drive: Cloud Drive is now available in the mobile app so you can work with files in your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox directly from the app.
    • Cloud Drive dashlet: Interact with the files in your third-party drive so you can access and upload files without leaving Sugar.
    • Create Sugar documents from drive files: Easily save any file in your drive as a Sugar document with the file attached.
    • Sync Sugar documents to your drive: On any Sugar document, you can sync the attached file to your drive to ensure the file is saved where you need it.
  • Maps subpanel default filter: When viewing the Maps subpanel on a record without applying a custom filter, the name of the default filter is displayed in the filter dropdown so that you know the radius of results being returned.
  • Email quotes: The Email Quote option has been added to the Quotes module so you can quickly start composing an email in Sugar with the quote's PDF file attached.

Review the SugarCRM Mobile App Release Notes for more information about fixed issues in this release.

Additional Documentation:

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