Sweet Announcement: New Sugar Market URLs are Being Updated!

Great news- Salesfusion URLs are being rebranded to Sugar Market!

While you’ve probably gotten used to typing in app.salesfusion.com (or the .eu or .au variants) to log in to Sugar Market, we think you’ll agree it’s time to fully embrace Market as part of the SugarCRM platform and no longer call it by its previous name. That's why we've made new Market URLs available to all customers. 

For U.S. customers (or any customers who currently use app.salesfusion.com), https://market.sugarapps.com/ is now available for log-in. We recommend you update your bookmark (Google Chrome, Firefox) or favorite (Microsoft Edge) from the old Salesfusion URL to this new one. Doing so will mean you’re all set once we have fully rolled out this solution to all customers. 

EMEA (including Europe, UK) and APAC (including Asia and Australia) customers who currently log in via the EU and AU Market servers can find their new URLs at  https://market.sugarapps.eu/ and https://market.sugarapps.com.au/ respectively. 

Please note: When accessing the new URL, keep in mind that you may need to manually enter your password when logging in the first time. Additionally, URLs are currently undergoing final testing. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. 

And, don’t worry; if you forget to change your login URL, the old Salesfusion login URLs will still be accessible for a while longer. However, for consistency (and to make sure you and your team members are ready for the switch), it’s best to update your bookmarks now before this option is removed next year. Please note, however, that no additional technical changes are required.

If you have any questions about the new URLs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Here’s to the future of Sugar Market and all the exciting items on our roadmap under the new Market URL!