Sugar Discover - Updated January 23, 2023

What's new in Sugar Discover?

The following updates have been deployed in Sugar Discover 12.0:

  • New icons: The Sugar Discover UI now contains a few more modernized icons throughout the application.
  • Improved labels on bar charts: Bar chart label formatting has been updated to improve visibility and readability.
  • Week In Quarter filter for time fields: For users with access to the full Discover tenant (i.e., purchased Discover before December 2021), you can now use the Week In Quarter filter for a time field to filter records based on a specific week within the quarter.
  • Boolean filter dialog: There is now a filter dialog specifically for filtering Boolean values.

Please note that there are also new features added to the 12.3.0 Additional Capabilities in the Sell Premier section of the release notes with this release of Discover.

  • Forecast Tracker visualization: You can now visually track how your forecasts, commitments, and sales won evolved over time in relation to your quota so that you can stay on track throughout the quarter. Note that this capability requires implementation by a SugarCRM representative or partner.

More details about this release can be viewed in the Sugar Discover Release NotesLearn more about Sugar Discover in the Sugar Discover Documentation.

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