Sugar Discover - Updated 28 May 2024

What's new in Sugar Discover?

Sugar Discover 17.1 has been deployed as of May 28, 2024, and includes the following updates:

  • Report versioning: You can now save versions of a report to the Version History and open those previous versions, allowing you to track changes more closely when collaborating on the creation process with other users. 
  • Drill-down into pivot table metrics: You can now add a drill link to a metric in a pivot table so you can dive into more details that comprise the metric.
  • Real-time sync with SugarIdentity: Changes to users in SugarIdentity are now synced in near real-time with Sugar Discover rather than every hour.
  • Improved error screen: When you encounter an error, you will see a message instead of a blank white screen that requires you to refresh your session.

More details about this release can be viewed in the Sugar Discover Release Notes.

Learn more about Sugar Discover in the Sugar Discover Documentation.

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