Sugar Connect 42.0 is Live

SugarCRM is pleased to announce the release of version 42.0 of Sugar Connect.

This release of Sugar Connect includes:

  • Feature Enhancements
    • Salutation and name fields respect user settings: The salutation and name fields in the Sugar Connect sidebar now reflect the user's profile setting in the Name Display Format field.
    • Only relevant field updates trigger calendar sync: Calendar sync for an existing event will only occur when updating the call or meeting fields in Sugar that sync to the external calendar event.
  • Fixed Issues
    • 93272: Opening an email in Google Workspace and clicking the lowest portion of the three-dots menu button (i.e., More) causes the menu to open and immediately close.
    • 93033: Email templates that are used to compose an email with Sugar Connect do not retrieve variables from related modules.
    • 92951: The Email Tracking Dashboard shrinks the left side when a long URL is tracked, making it difficult to see the content on the left side of the dashboard.

Please review the Sugar Connect Release Notes for more information about this release.

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All existing installations of Sugar Connect will be upgraded automatically.

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