Sugar Connect 35.0 is Live

SugarCRM is pleased to announce the release of version 35.0 of Sugar Connect.

Review the Sugar Connect Release Notes for more information about this release, including any feature enhancements and fixed issues.

The following features were deployed:

The following issues have been resolved:

  • 89591: Conditionally required fields are always required even when their condition is not met.
  • 90453: The CRM Data Source in the Sugar Connect portal may need to be revalidated after running a Quick Repair and Rebuild in Sugar.
  • 90839: Lead conversion does not populate custom fields in other modules.
  • 91324: Sugar Connect pauses calendar synchronization when an HTTP 504 error is received from Outlook Exchange servers.
  • 91436: Sugar Connect administrators can no longer manage the synchronization profiles of other Connect users.
  • 91473: Adding a Sugar user as a guest on a meeting causes a duplicate meeting to be created when the user updates their invitation status.
  • 91701: Hiding a subpanel via Sugar Connect Portal > Customization does not always take effect in the Sugar Connect sidebar.

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All existing installations of Sugar Connect will be upgraded automatically.

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