Sugar Hint European Union Personnel Information Update - Effective August 1, 2022

Effective August 1st, 2022, due to a decision made by a Sugar data provider, Sugar Hint will no longer provide personal data of individuals residing in the European Union (EU). All other data provided via Sugar Hint, including company information and the news feed, as well as personal contact data from outside the EU, will not be impacted.  

Any historical data you may have will not be affected; however, new requests starting on August 1st will no longer return results of personal data from within the EU.  

With the vast majority of the data available, Hint continues to automatically enrich your B2B customer and prospect data, provide relevant insight and deliver maximum value to our customers. However, we recognize that some customers may be disappointed by this change. Accordingly, Sugar is offering all Sugar Hint customers the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Navigator free of charge (requires Microsoft premium LinkedIn subscription, not included in this offer) for all your users.  

If you have any questions or want to receive access to Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Navigator, please contact us using Support or contact your local customer service manager or partner if applicable. 


Q: Why has this change occurred? 

A: The change is due to a data service provider removing content that includes personal data.

Q: What data will no longer be available?

A: Hint will no longer provide personal identifiable information (PII) about individuals in the European Union. All other data supplied by Sugar Hint will not be impacted.

Q: What data will still be available?

A: Hint will continue to provide the majority of the data: the same company information without limitations and the same news feed and personal contact data from outside the EU.

Q: Are all Hint users impacted if they used Hint to look up data on someone in the EU?

A: Yes, that is correct. The customer's location does not matter; it is personal data about individuals in the EU that is no longer available. We anticipate that while this change can impact all Hint users, the impact will primarily fall on Hint users in the EU looking up EU contact information.

Q: Does this change impact prior Hint data updates to Accounts or Contacts? Will these past updated Sugar records be erased, replaced, or unchanged?

A: Unchanged. This service change will not go back in time. Existing data will not be erased.

Q: If I do not have a subscription to LinkedIn Navigator and purchase it at some point in the future, will the free offer be extended indefinitely, or will it expire?

A: Yes. The plan is to bundle the Connector for LinkedIn Navigator with Sugar Hint so all Hint customers can benefit from the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Navigator.

Q: Does this apply to the UK or other non-EU countries in Europe?

A: Like all companies outside the EU, companies based in the UK and other non-EU countries are not impacted, except they will not get personal data about EU residents. All company data and news feeds are unaffected; only EU residents' data will no longer be provided.