Hint 5.3.0 Is Live

SugarCRM has released version 5.3.0 of Sugar Hint. Hint automates the process of researching and recording up-to-date and accurate information on prospects and customers. It provides a wide range of important, useful, and actionable insights about your contacts and accounts. Hint is always working for you in the background, gathering relevant news, and informing you of important opportunities to build better relationships. The Hint product family is a cornerstone of SugarCRM's No-Touch platform, enabling your employees to spend more time on the thing that matters: building customers for life.

Version 5.3.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • With the release of Version 5.3.0, and in addition to the Hint application, Hint now provides predictive account discovery for all Hint-enabled Sugar products.
  • When entering a new account name, Hint now auto-fills account suggestions and automatically populates all available fields when you select one of the suggestions.
  • It is now possible to configure which fields Hint can enrich in addition to which fields are displayed in the Hint panel.
  • A search bar has been added to the Hint Fields drawer to quickly find the field you are trying to configure.
  • Hint now identifies the type (e.g. mobile) of each phone number in the enriched data for contacts and leads.

This release also includes compatibility updates for the upcoming Q3 2020 Sugar release and is now supported for use on the Edge browser (which was added as a supported browser in Q2 2020). More information about this release can be found in the Hint 5.3.0 Release Notes.

Customers hosted in the SugarCloud will have their version of Hint upgraded to version 5.3.0 automatically. Installation, upgrade, and usage documentation for Hint can be found at the following links:

Note: On-site customers (non-SugarCloud) must first uninstall existing Hint versions before upgrading to Hint 5.x.x. However, upgrading from 5.0.x to 5.3.0 does not require an uninstall.

Hint is supported for use on Sugar versions 8.0 and above. Please review the Supported Platforms for Hint before installing. Hint can be purchased by contacting your SugarCRM sales representative.

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