Event module - reminder email


If you have a multiple session event. 

I want to have unique reminder emails to every session event and I want to send them out with the event module. 

Can I redo the HTML code for the reminder email after every send out? 

For example. My first reminder emails goes ut the 24/3 and the next is going out 1/4.

Is it possible for me then the 25/3 redo the hole reminder email (by changing the HTML code), so that the reminder email going out the 1/4 will be unique?  

  • Hi Alexandra,

    You would want to define these as two separate reminder emails in the event. For example, if your event is 2/4 then you would have one reminder that goes out 9 days before (24/3) and one that goes out 1 day before (4/1). These would be separate email sends, so can have different HTML. 

    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM