Campaign Data to Sales

We implemented Sugar Market a few months ago and it has been a struggle to get sales intelligence to salespeople.

We used to use Sugar Sell Campaigns and although not as rich, salespeople knew what their prospects were doing. For example, it was easy for a salesperson to look at the campaign stats and see who opened an email, who clicked on an email, and what they clicked on specifically.

When we went to Sugar Market, all that seems to be lost.

Sugar Market creates Tasks that an email was opened or clicked, but I have no easy way to determine the assigned salesperson.

If I create a filter in Tasks, I can look for Email Clicked, but because no user is assigned, and I can't add search fields for Account or State, I have no easy way to create a list/filter for salespeople.

How do you guys deal with this? How do you get in the hands of salespeople the information about who is opening and clicking on marketing emails?

  • Hi John,

    It looks like this issue may have been resolved in our most recent update to Sugar Market that was released today. According to the release notes:

    "The SugarCRM email sync settings have been modified to improve the push of email information to SugarCRM. These improvements include the option to push email to either SugarCRM's Task or Email module, not both, and enforcing an assigned user for pushed Task records. Please refer to the Sugar Market Integration Guide for more information." 

    I think the bolded portion resolves the issue you are describing. Here is the link to the full release notes:



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM