Returning to a step in Nurtures 2.0

Hello Sugar Club, 

From the documentation with the statement: The legacy builder allows a jump to another nurture or to a step within the current nurture. Nurture Builder 2.0 includes the Jump to Another Nurture element because jumping to a step within the current nurture is not a necessary element since the ability to return to a step is inherent in the new workflow design

My question is - with the ability to return to a step within the same Nurture - how is this done?

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  • Hi Justin,

    You can jump people to another step in the same nurture by adding a connecting path. Here is a nurture.

    After adding people to a list, alerting an owner & updating the contact card I want those recipients to also get the second email so I added a connecting line to the email send.

    Please note that we have added guardrails to help account for creating an endless loop. You should not connect an element to an element higher in the same flow. You can see below that I'm trying to send them the same email again. You would not want to do that as it can create an endless loop so we do not allow it and highlight the path as to why it is not allowed.

    Hope that helps clarify.



  • Brilliant, thank you Rosaalie, exactly the information I was looking and totally explains my issue, I was trying to go back to a higher element.