determent assigned owner for new contact/lead


How do I set up the flow for assign owner to new contacts/leads? 

Right now every contact gets owned by the admin. 

How do I change that? 

  • Hi Alexandra,

    One thing you can do for all the email addresses you want to update is upload an excel file with at least the email column along with an "Owner ID" column. The Owner ID column should include all the User IDs of the salespeople/POCs within your organization that you would like to assign to specific leads and contacts. The Owner ID and User ID are one in the same. You can find the IDs by going into the Administration Panel into section called "Users". Make sure you choose to overwrite the values when uploading this distribution list. 

    Another option is to use the "Mass Update Contacts" function. This is located in the Administration Panel. Once you find the "Mass Update Contacts" section please follow the instructions to create a report. In the report, include the Owner ID (you will still need to pull the IDs from the User section mentioned above to include in the report). Once you are done creating the report go back to the "Mass Update Contacts" section and follow the steps listed. If you do not see your report in this section, you more than likely formatted the report incorrectly. 

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the answer! 

    But how do I control so that when the lead is created in the beginning that they will get their right owner?

  • There are a few ways you can put controls on who's assigned:

    • When someone first enters your system through a list upload, use the owner ID column mentioned above
    • Use form actions to assign owners to contacts 
    • Create an On insert listener insert (choose this listener because this would be a new person entering the system). To do this follow the steps below. 
      • Go to the main menu and navigate by selecting Create-> Template-> Alert/Update/CRM. You will be taken to a screen that asked you to choose a New Scoring Template. Select "Update Contact" and under the "Template Attributes" section select the the owner ID and the value.
      •  Go back to the main menu and navigate by selecting Create-> Lead/Contact Listener. Once you have inputted the information in the "New Listener menu", select the criteria for those you'd like to for those leads/contacts you are updating under  the "Event Listener Conditional Values" section. Then select "Event Activities" and choose " Update Lead or Contact" and a dropdown menu will appear. Select that template you just created. Then save your listener.

    I don't know how familiar you are with listeners, but they are always running in the background. This means if you decide that you want to change the criteria of a  listener, it will still be running based on your previous requirements until you go into the listener and update this information. 

    Here is another resource on listeners:

    Hope this helps.