sms/mobile messages connectors for SugarMarket

Hi all and happy new year!

Do you know any sms/mobile messaging connector to use with SugarMarket?
When we create a market campaignfor exemple, we should be able to send emails AND sms/mobile messages or even push apps... and I am looking for sms/mobile messaging app to use with SugarMarket.

I found some apps but for SugarCRM and not Market. Not sure if they could work with SugarMarket.
If you have any to recommend (in Europe), that would be great. 

Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Nadia,

    At this time there is no apps or connectors available from Market to an SMS provider. Market cannot log or track any SMS messages. This is something our product team is aware of and there may be some kind of SMS functionality in the future. This would not be a feature I would expect to see in the Market this year.

    As of now you would have to use the SMS apps for SugarCRM/SugarSell. SMS messages can be logged into a module inside the record in CRM.

    I hope this info helps,


    James Brown

    Implementation Consultant