Pop-up forms in Sugar Market


Does anybody know how to create pop-up forms in Sugar Market? I couldn’t find such an option, I tried some external plugins for wordpress to embed Sugar Market forms in pop-up windows as well, but there was a problem with redirect after completing the form.

I would be grateful for the solution.

  • Are you hosting the landing page on Sugar Market or embedding into your own site? If the former - you simply point your popup code at the SM landing page URL. You may want to make the redirect URL something like a plain page which says "You may close this window now."

    If you're embedding, then its your own page which has the SM code, but a similar principle.

    Either way - pop ups are often frowned upon (and blocked by many browsers and adblockers) - so I'd suggest advising your client against it if you can.

  • Hi there, We do not support form pop ups within Sugar Market, but you are able to put the form code in a pop up window within your own site. I have seen customers do this in the past. All of the behavior of the pop up would need to be controlled within the site itself, so it may be necessary to alter the form code to have this function as desired. 

  • Hi Adam,

    Thank you very much for your response!

    I’m afraid I haven't described the problem with the redirect well enough.

    Please, let me show how it should work by the example.

    • Pop-up window with the form is opened on a click on a CTA (CTA is located on the website, not on the SM landing page):

    • When submitting a form, redirect leads to a full-size page with a requested content (in our example, page with the video).

    I was able to create such a pop-up with an embedded SM form, but the redirect opens a page within a small pop-up (in our example – the green window on the first picture), and doesn’t lead to a full-size page with a content.

    The pop-up was created with the help of a special plugin. It embeds Sugar Market form code. We use the same solution with the forms created with ActiveCampaign, and redirect on form submission works properly. So I wondered, maybe there is another way to create such pop-ups with SM forms where redirect will work.



  • Hi Jana,

    Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to know - if there is a ready-made solution/approach or not.