BPM: Default Pathway and End Event


I'm hoping someone can assist with a Process Definition that is throwing me an Issue because I have no Default path set.

Goal of the process: 

A Portal Case is created and according to the "Product Category" the Customer used to create the case, an email is sent to the appropriate team letting them know the Case was created. 

Start Event: New Records only, where Source = Portal

I'm also confused as to why I need to set a default path (this is the issue that appears), as well as when to use the Do Nothing and Terminate features for the End Event. I don't understand all the implications to fully grasp how they're to be applied for different scenarios. 

I'll post the process here (or try to); we are hosted on Sugar with Enterprise Sell / Serve (some customizations with Serve and the Customer Portal).

Any insight and / or advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Even if the description looks complete for a specific business situation is being automated with BPM, the engine may not understand the description is complete, so setting the default path is a way BPM engine wants to be parametrized to insure that automation does cover all possible situations - e.g. in your case BPM process definition may assume that no Product Category could be set at all for a Case it should process, so for the engine, the divergent criteria are not fully determined. Therefore the options could be either to set any path as default - just to get rid of validation warning, that would work in case you are very sure no "else" situation but those already defined will ever happen. But I would follow the practice BPM suggests with its validation voice - describe the "else" branch for the divergent, set that branch as default, and connect it directly to End Event implementing behavior "for else just do nothing"
    The "else" branch could have a criterion like this:
    not ( (Product Category is equal to A) or (Product Category is equal to B) or (Product Category is equal to C))

    Regarding End Event - just keep it Do Nothing since there is no parallel processing to terminate in your design
    The difference between the options of End Event is described here:

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    Dmytro Chupylka

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  • Thanks so much for this explanation - I'm employing some changes and hopefully can report all is well! I appreciate those direct links Slight smile

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