Is there a way to track page navigation for contacts/leads

Our goal is to set up some marketing nurtures, based on people visiting two particular pages within our website.

Now, the web activity allows us to track already when someone starts navigating new on our website (via google, directly, another referrer site etc) and this is accurately tracked. However, what we want to know is if someone views a particular page on our website, and then subsequently views another page, we want to be able to shoot a nurture to that contact. 

Example, we send out a newsletter with a particular new article. The person reads this news by click on it from the EDM. We track this coming view from that person. Now this person is so curious about this news, that he decides to navigate to a subsequent page based on the CTA on that page. We see intent from this person, and therefore want to drop him some information proactively to allow him to get more information, and to create a lead response for a partner of our platform. 

Right now, I can't seem to make this happen with nurtures, as only the initial page is being tracked, not any subsequent navigation. 

Are we missing something here? Is this missing functionality or is there a workaround? 

Just to clarify, I am not talking about pages built within Sugarmarket. These are pages on our website for which the SCRM tracking is being used.