Web tracking code

Hi everybody

Is it possible to have multiple websites and track them separately in Sugar Market web analytics? How?

Thanks a lot


  • Hi  !

    We have an Idea related to that issue, which you can find here:

    Idea# 87314 - [Sugar Market] 3rd Party Cookies - Add support for web tracking across domains

    If you haven't done so already, submitting a support ticket to link the Idea to your account would be beneficial. This helps us gauge the level of interest from our clients in specific use-cases and Ideas. Your input contributes to our roadmap, and we appreciate your feedback.

    One of the main reasons our web tracking script does not work on multiple websites today is due to how first and third-party cookies are handled. This was changed a few years ago as browsers tightened security across the board, with some browsers even blocking cookies altogether by default.

    The Idea request is for our team to look at alternative ways on how our web tracking script is structured and ways to get around this limitation so our clients with multiple websites can utilize the web tracking feature for this purpose. We have a small blurb on the first and third-party cookies in this article at the bottom of how our cookies work here.

    I hope this helps clarify the current experience. Thank you!


    Michael North

    Sr. Manager, Technical Support