DMARC Policy, One-Click Unsub, & ARC Headers - Google/Yahoo's New Email Authentication Requirements

Good Day,

Just recently caught up on the new Yahoo/Google authentication requirements that come into place in Feb 2024. I have a few questions and comments to share with the community,

1) I think most Sugar Market users cover the SPF and DKIM requirements during initial implementation. So, these shouldn't be net new requirements we need to worry about. Agree/disagree?

2) Does Sugar have any implementation content that addresses DMARC Policy Setup, One-Click Unsub, or ARC Headers?

3) One-Click Unsubscribe: Anyone else shifting to a one-click unsub? I noticed the articles I read all mention that this needs to be a 'button'. Curious if people are going to keep using hyperlinks for unsubs or shift to a button.

4) ARC Headers: This seems like a pretty niche requirement to me, so I'm not sure we need to do it. Should only apply if your emails are often being forwarded, but our Sugar Market metrics indicate this is not common. Curious if anyone thinks this is more important than I do.

5) Google's new policy mentions that spam rate needs to be < 0.3%. I know we occasionally spike above this in Google Postmaster Tools. Anyone have any insight on whether single days with higher spam rates will be negatively affected by this policy?

I'm sure I'll think of more!

  • Hi Ed,

    Thank you for submitting these excellent questions! The good news is our team is aware of these upcoming requirements and is actively researching efforts to ensure Market aligns with them.

    Also, thanks for submitting a case, enabling us to link it to the Ideas we have and continue discussions. Here are some answers to your questions:

    1. That is correct! Market requires our clients to set up SPF and DKIM, along with a few other technical setups to improve email deliverability and inbox placements. You can find more details here.

    2. We do have an Idea Request linked to your case regarding options to consider or easier options for our customers that also meet the new requirements once we have a better understanding after our research. The Idea Request is 93676 (Add One-Click Unsubscribe option to the headers for Gmail and Yahoo).

    3. Currently, Market does not have a DMARC Policy Setup, One-Click Unsubscribe, or ARC Headers. However, as we continue to research these requirements, we will be considering the impact and implementations.

    4. The ARC Headers do seem specific to forwarded emails, and while it's not common with most of our customer base, it's something we will be considering during our research into these requirements and their impact overall.

    5. We might not have detailed insights into how Google's new policy will measure spam rates. Generally, what we observe is that when domains regularly show healthy spam rates on a daily/weekly basis, a temporary increase in spam percentage does not noticeably impact deliverability rates, especially when healthy spam rates are resumed.

    As we get closer to our research and any implementations, we will update everyone via our release notes so everyone is aware.

    Thanks again for bringing these to light and helping spark any conversations or feedback!


    Michael North

    Sr. Manager, Technical Support

  • Hi Michael, thank you for your detailed response. I greatly appreciated it.

    For the one-click unsubscription. Is a single click unsub in the footer possible today?

    So, for example, the email recipient receives the email and there's a hyperlink that says "Never send me an email again!" and when the email recipient clicks that it presumably loads a 'thank you for unsubbing' page, but doesn't require them to engage a form of any kind or provide any additional details.

  • Hi Ed,

    You're welcome! We welcome the discussion.

    Yes, a single click unsubscribe is possible today through at least Nurtures and maybe through other workflows such as scoring/listeners. Because Forms require a user to submit the form for us to capture data, utilizing a Nurture Conditional Element could act as the one click workflow.

    A scenario could look like this:

    Record gets dropped into a Nurture asking for preferences (maybe a link to the preference page) and also a one-click button to unsubscribe. That button simply goes to a page stating that recipient has fully unsubscribed from all emails.

    Next, have a conditional element within the nurture that checks if that specific one-click unsubscribe was clicked and if so then use a Nurture Action Element to update the Contact/Lead record for OpOut.

    This scenario is very specific to the campaign within the nurture and would not apply to all campaigns since it's performing an action upon that specific link (within that campaign) that was clicked.

    For all other campaigns, the user would need to at least click into a form and submit the form to state they would like to unsubscribe. This is the scenario that we don't have today and would need to consider with the requirements coming up. 

    But I'm hoping that workflow idea (again very specific to just one Nurture campaign) may help on some other ways to accomplish a similar goal.


    Michael North

    Sr. Manager, Technical Support

  • Awesome. I figured there would be some way to hack and slash it, and I suspect you've pointed me in the right direction with this. Thank you.

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