Form Submission Default User

I have a form within SugarMarket which was a page created for an Open House invite and sent via a nurture.  A person filled out the form however, this person was not on the distribution list that was created for the nurture.  I assume that someone who was in the distribution list forwarded the email to the person who filled out the form.  The person who filled out the form is not in our SugarMarket Leads or Contacts.  A lead for this person who filled out the form was created within SugarMarket.  Within the form actions is to email the Owner upon form submission.  Because the person is not in SugarMarket, it seemingly assigned this new lead to a default owner.  In case this happens again, how to I change the default owner so that the new lead is assigned a more appropriate person?

  • Hi Brad,

    To set the default owner for form submissions, you can go to Admin > Users > Double click into the user that you want to be the default user. Then scroll over to the Options tab and check the "Primary Contact" checkbox.

    You will want to follow the above steps to uncheck that checkbox for the current user who was set as the owner.

    If that doesn't clear up the issue, you can also set the Primary Contact in the Global Settings by clicking on your profile > Go to Global Settings > General tab > Update the Primary Contact.

    However, I believe the only place that controls who the default user is that is assigned to leads from form submissions is from the user profile page and not the Global Settings page.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.