Is anyone else having this issue? Email Builder 2.0 Stops Saving and Revision History is Incomplete.

Curious if other Sugar Market users have encountered this issue. Our email designers bump into this about once per quarter. They are working on an email in Email Builder 2.0, they are hitting the save button, and then later realize the email was not saved, sometimes for several hours.

Over time we've ruled out a number of things like VPN connect/disconnect or local network issues.

  • Hi Ed.  It doesn't sound like you are seeing any consistencies in when this happens.  I'm also guessing you can't recreate the problem?  Let me know if either of these are true as they might help us triage.  Otherwise, know that you're not alone.  I did find an issue case from earlier that was deprioritized in the past.  I am going to bump this one up and ask the team to chime in and see if we might be able to observe this event a bit better and catch the exceptions.  Thanks for posting.