Round Robin Reporting


We're having some larger-than-expected assignment discrepancies in the round-robin function of our forms.

Does anyone know a good way to create a report to see how many leads or contacts an individual sales rep was assigned per form completion?

For example, we have 12 separate forms on 12 separate web pages that have the round-robin function applied. I need to see the count from each form that was assigned to the respective sales rep's name.

Things I've tried:

  • I've tried the Custom Reports functionality in Sugar Market without much luck - but I'm also pretty green with this reporting feature. So if anyone in Sugar Club world has some steps or direction on this, I'm all eyes Slight smile
  • We also have Looker but it doesn't seem to want to grab all the forms I'm looking for information from.
  • And the automated report that's generated from clicking the form itself doesn't show the information I'm looking for. 

Thank you!

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