Copying Form - reCAPTCHA Error

Instead of creating a similar form from scratch, I copy the form and change the few text fields necessary.

Unfortunately it causes a problem with the reCAPTCHA on the form.

I'd prefer not to use it, but if we don't, we get tons of bots filling forms out.

It seems the reCAPTCHA is specifically configured for a form when it is published.

I then can't delete it. I get an error that it can't be deleted after the form is published, even though this is a copy of another published form.

Is there any way around recreating the form?

  • Hi John,

    On the surface level that seems like a defect. I feel the experience should be copying a form should allow you to customize your fields (including captchas) without locking you to a specific field. If that's the current behavior then could you please submit a case over to support to further discuss and troubleshoot?

    My thought on an alternative approach, outside of starting from scratch, is if there are some common forms that are typically built then to make a few forms as templates without the captcha. That way, you can copy those forms and add a captcha as necessary. Definitely not ideal, but perhaps that might work for the time being while we further investigate.

    I hope this helps!


    Michael North

    Sr. Manager, Technical Support

  • Thank you , that's a good workaround for now. I'll submit the case.

    I also tried creating a template from one with a captcha and of course reusing the template didn't work either.