Forms on Multiple Pages

We have different landing pages with different marketing assets.

Is there any way that when a visitor is cookied, they can skip filling the form in on each page separately?

Is there some best practice I am missing?

  • Hi John!

    Great question. Currently, our Pages do not have a passthrough function for cookied visitors. Our best practices are typically a single page with a form to encourage a higher submission rate. However, we definitely understand some use-cases where not only where there's more multipage support but also a passthrough function. We do have this feature with our team as an enhancement request.

    If you would like to be linked to that request and updated then definitely reach out to support and we'll link your use-case and account to that enhancement request, every use-case and clients linked to it helps!

  • Thank you. I have let Support know to add me to that.

    If this is important to others, be sure to do the same.