Possible to Pass Data from Market Form to External App

Let's try this. I feel like it must be able to do this, but I cannot find documentation and I have searched through every option in Market and can't figure it out.

Basic question: Can I tokenize fields to pass as part of a redirect after a Contact or Lead submits a form?

In a Form I have fields and they are mostly associated with SugarCRM fields. For example, first_name, last_name, Email, etc.

I want to pass those to an external application.

I can do that via a redirect, but have to tokenize the field names to put in the URL. For example: event.on24.com/.../index.html&firstname=John&lastname=Smith&email=john.smith@abc.com&company=ABC

Their field is &firstname= and I want to be able to send them what is in the first_name field in the form.

I looked at Actions after form completion and couldn't find anything that could send data.

I really, really, really want to be able to do webinar registrations from our landing pages, using our forms so any help would sure be appreciated.

  • Hi John,

    Our forms do not have an option to pass additional data to an external source. However, we have our external form connector as an option for anytime our Pages & Forms fall outside of a use-case. Going this route would be a bit different as you would need to build your form through some external source and use the form script (like the REST URL) to pass the data over to Sugar Market and cookie the recipient.

    Some clients use this method, as it's similar to what you suggested, upon submission they will send out multiple requests - one request might go to the CRM with specific fields and values, another to perhaps a different external source, and then another to Market's external form script. 

    Going this route will allow for further customizations.

    Here is the link: support.sugarcrm.com/.../