Has anyone found a way in Sugar Market to get Delivery Status to reset when the email of a contact is changed?

So, all I want to do is ensure that delivery status for a contact is reset to 0, whenever an email is changed.

I have tried a couple things...

I managed to setup enough track changes and listeners to update Delivery Status to 0 on any contact information change. Basic flow was Track changes on email, listener on email, push any updated contacts into distro lists, push distro list contacts into a nurture, adjust delivery status field to 0 within the nurture. But, unfortunately I need something that will trigger only on email address changes and this method triggers on all contact updates.

I also managed to create a custom report which only includes newly updated email and has only two columns: email and contact id, but I can't use that in a nurture (as a distro list) because it is a track changes report, so technically the fields aren't labelled email and contact id, but rather are labelled EndValue and EntityValueID.

I feel like there is probably a way to set rules/listeners/reports/filters/nurtures/etc, such that Delivery Status is automatically reset when email addresses are reset, but I can't seem to find a way.

Has anyone successfully done this?

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  • Hi Ed,

    The delivery status should reset automatically when an email address is changed, as it is a fresh email that we do not have a history of sending to. However, there can be some nuances to this process depending on where that record "lives."

    If the record you are updating exists in your CRM as well as in Sugar Market, you will want to make the update on the record in CRM, at which point the change will sync to Sugar Market and update the record there, at that time the delivery status should reset. 

    I do see an enhancement request logged in regards to records that exist only in Sugar Market (ID 88398). Please let me know if you are trying to update records that only exist in Sugar Market and I can have support create a case for you and add it to this enhancement request. A workaround in this scenario would be to add the Delivery Status field to the contact/lead record page layout and manually update this field to 0/Unverified at the time that you update the email address. If you let me know how the email addresses are being changed, I'm happy to offer any other suggestions I can think of.



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Hi Jana, thank you for your reply.

    I always forget to describe my setup first. So, bit complicated, but we have Sugar Market and we have Sugar CRM, but CRM runs on-premises, so no standard integration. However, we built an integration through the Sugar Market API (only works in one direction right now, pushing new values to the contact table in Sugar Market).

    Actually answering your questions now... the Contact only exists in Sugar Market and the method of changing the email is by overwriting the existing email address through the Sugar Market API.

    The manual method/workaround does align with what we are doing now.

  • Hi Ed,

    Thank you for the additional detail. I'll submit a case to support to have them link you to the current enhancement request I mentioned above. 

    I believe the manual update will be the best option currently, but once you are added to the enhancement, you'll receive any updates on it via the case. 



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Hey Jana, I noticed something similar in the recent release notes (v22.7). Does that mean that delStatus now updates when an email address is changed? I might be mixing up two use-cases.
    The actual text from the release notes follows,

    • Updated CRM sync behavior: When an email address is changed in an external CRM and synced to Sugar Market, that record's Delivery Status is now reset to "unverified".


  • Hi Ed,

    Jana is actually out on maternity so I'm following up here instead. 

    Yes, the delstatus now updates when an email address changes if you're using one of our seven integrations to Sugar Market (i.e. SugarCRM). 

    Using our API or updating the record directly within Market will not update delstatus automatically. 

    I hope this helps clear it up!


    Michael North

    Sr. Manager, Technical Support

  • Congrats to Jana! I'll be on parental leave this summer myself!

    That's a perfect response, thanks!