Emailing platform based in Europe and alternative to Mailchimp?

One of our customers has been using Mailchimp + SugarChimp happily for a few years. However, their legal team is worried about the fact that Mailchimp is US-based and that there is currently no aceptable equivalent to the privacy shield. 

Since Sugar Market would be wayyy overkill, I've looked around but could not find a EU-based solution that has a Sugar connector. Well there is Hubspot but that would be a buit risky. I've looked at Sarbacane, Brevo / Sendibnblue and Mailjet, but they all rely on Zapier wich is 1) US-based and 2) priced per call, so not too predictable in terms of costs. 

Developing an integration is of course possible, but would be hardly profitable for a single small customer. Especially including the maintenance. 

What do your small/medium customers use for basic email campaigns? 

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  • Hello Joe,

    Thank you for your contribution. I had played with Mautic 5-6 years ago. The solution was interesting but still very much in infancy, including on the User Experience side. I also remember a wannabe Marketing Automation solution which would be overkill for the needs of that project although the cost doesn't feel wholly excessive. 

    What is the current status of the project? The fact that it would be hosted in the UK (ie outside of the EU) my be a deterrent. 

    Best regards,

    Damien Pochon

    CRM & Digital consultant @ ITS4U Group