How to make Revenue Line Items panel more usable

Good evening,

We've a SugarSell 13.3 instance configured with the Revenue Line Items module (renamed in Product). 
It works but it's not very usable since you have a single line with many fields (as you can see in my screenshot).
In addition you have also the possibility to remove fields from the list, avoiding mandatory ones. Take a look at my post:

Is there the possibility to make the Product section below more usable and safe? The picklist aren't readable with long labels and you need to resize the columns.
Is it possibile to have a single column view? Or the full Product (Revenue Line Item) Layout?


  • Hi  ,

    I agree that the UX for adding RLIs during Opportunity creation is problematic. In addition to the points you raise, the panel's location creates other issues we've seen with our clients and own use such as:

    • The date picker in the Expected Close Date field requires scrolling down to see the calendar and then causes the screen to jump back when selecting a date
    • The browser horizontal scroll bar can overlay with the fields (Chrome's scroll bar gets bigger the faster you scroll) so attempting to click into a field may accidentally trigger the scroll and cause confusion 

    This is all to say there currently isn't a way with Sugar's tools to improve the utility of this interface and address the concerns you raise. We specialize in providing customizations in Sugar, so we welcome the opportunity to discuss how a potential customization could improve this experience for your users.

    Contact us via our website if you'd like to talk in more detail!


  • For a couple of customers we added a 3 layer product selection, like Product Type, Product Category and Product Tempate, this way we have a kind of wizard for product selection.

    Additionally it is possible to automatically force a larger column for the product name, this way you will be able to see the entire description.

    Both strategies require coding.

    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
    Skype: andre.lampada