DocMerge - using a condition about a Relationship field type value


I'm working on a template to be used on Meetings module.

On the meetings module, the assigned_user_name field is appended to gather further data from the Users module

I would like a text be displayed on the document only if the field status_c (type liste of choix) of the user has the value 'green'.

I can display the value of the field status_c on the template, but when I tried to add a condition about this value,It seems that the condition is not being taken into account.

Exemple : displaying like this is working : 


but doesn't work on a condition : 

{assigned_user_name.status_c == 'green'} Text to display on document {endif}

Is docMerge accepting Relationship field types on conditions? If yes, could someone describe how to do it? 

Thank you!