Reports: Permission Restrictions Error Message

Hello, I have a user that built a report which he has been using for a while now. After we upgraded to 12.3 the report will not run for him. As an admin I can run the report and export it. When I impersonate my user, I receive the same error message he did “You are not able to access this report due to permission restrictions”. My user built the report and is the primary for it, so I am not sure why he is getting the error message. Has anyone else come across this issue?

  • Hi Kirk,

    Thank you for asking this question here and for opening the support case about this. We have seen some other customers encounter permission errors like this in reports, and in each scenario we've been able to find an explanation. However, each explanation so far has been specific to the nuances of each occurrence.

    We'll take a look at the details in your support case and hopefully get this challenge overcome promptly. I also look forward to letting the community know what we find out, especially if it is something that could impact others here.

    Patrick McQueen
    Director, SugarCRM Support