DocMerge: Monthly summation of cases


We have a customer that would like to set up a BPM-process in combination with DocMerge to generate a monthly summation of the cases that have been handled by their customer service. The process should list cases by Account. The document is then supposed to be sent out to each account.

Is there a best practice for setting up a template for DocMerge in order to list all related records that have been created in a certain timeframe? 

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Frida Yngve

  • Hi , when I have had to implement similar for a customer before (they were providing a summary of business to distributors they worked with), I used Scheduled Reports in Sugar, and then set up Group Users for each distributor. Sure, it did mean you had a lot of reports/group users... but this was also before DocMerge was available as an option.

    On DocMerge though - you can use conditionals as described here - . However, I believe you may want to use a different field other than date created. For example, it is currently 1st of February here in Australia - and if a customer raised a ticket yesterday, but it only got resolved today, it wouldn't show up in the February report. You may want to create a new field called "Last Date Worked On", and then use SugarBPM to update it everytime an action occurs which the customer defines as "our customer service team handled this case".

    Lastly - if you are considering using BPM, what is your approach for getting it to 'do' something every month? In the past, we've used a custom Scheduler to wake up and trigger BPMs on a monthly/weekly basis.