Process Defintion Message event From field

The Message event From field in process defintions is a required field however this field was chagned in all our process defs to a blank value.

Could this somehow be as a result of some change to System Email Settings?

I dont know how to explain this as it obviusly could not have been a user as the field is required and woldn't save without a value.



  • "... this field was changed in all of our process defs to a blank value."

    Was this changed as part of an upgrade? If so, what version were you coming from and what version did you upgrade to.

    If this was not part of an upgrade, have you made any recent changes to your system email settings? It is possible that your process definitions were referencing an email setting that was identified by an ID that after change, no longer points to the correct ID (for example, if you had an email account that was used prior, but then deleted this account and created a new one).

    Robert Gonzalez

    Senior Director, Engineering

    Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Mobile