Abandon Lead Conversion Data Added to Contact?

It seems to me that all data from a Lead should have the capability to be added to the Contact at conversion.

We are integrated with our webinar platform to capture data about registrants, whether they attend, if they ask questions, do they attend live or on-demand, how many minutes they attend, etc. That is now on a subpanel on the Lead.

When I do the lead conversion, that data is not being transferred to the Contact.

In Studio I have indicated those modules should have the data copied.

Sugar Support says that is not supported, "As for the related modules, currently, in Sugar, it's not designed to copy over related records from the Lead to the created/selected contact."

I guess my basic question is, when would you ever want to simply abandon Lead data?

Is this really not possible? Are we always going to have to bounce back and forth between the Lead and Contact to get a full 360 view of the Contact?

  • Hi ,

    The 'Copy Data' option in Studio for the Convert Lead layout is for copying data from the source Lead record into a record you create or select in that target module as part of the conversion (assuming the field name between the lead record and target module are identical). 

    At this time, you can only configure how a subset of specific relationships with the lead are treated on conversion with the option found under Admin > System Settings > Lead Conversion Options. When this setting is set to 'Move', it will migrate activities (calls, tasks, meetings) from the lead record to the contact record. If you have Sugar Market integrated, it will also move activities synced from that application to the contact. 

    If you want to move custom relationships as part of the lead conversion as you are attempting, that would need to be handled via a code customization at this point.