what is best way to set up automated alert to sales rep on unmanaged lead in 12.2

Looking to set up an automated notification/reminder that would go out to a sales rep if a lead that was assigned to them has not been updated in a given number of days

  • Dear Brooke Willman,

    You can create Your On Logic and Update Data On Out of the Box alert table and configure the logic file on Scheduler with low frequency.


  • Hi ,

    The best way to do this is by creating a process definition in SugarBPM with an event-based gateway. Here is the sample definition I created:

    I created two start events:

    1. New leads created where the status is 'New'
    2. Existing leads where the assigned user changes and the status is 'New'

    I then set the event-based gateway with two possible outcomes. When using event-based gateways, it will wait for the first event to occur, follow that path and ignore the other paths. The possible events in this definition are:

    1. The lead status changes indicating the assigned rep has taken some action so no further actions are necessary
    2. 3 days elapse in which case an alert is sent to the assigned rep

    I hope this helps!