Connect not syncing - just us?

We use Connect and a couple of days ago our emails stopped syncing to Sugar from Outlook/O365.

I submitted a case and the determination was that there is some problem with the Microsoft API.

For two days I have basically heard nothing.

For those that are using Connect, is this effecting you too? Or is this us only? Us and some small number of users?

Our workflow is getting hammered as we now have to remember to sync anything we want. Plus the way Connect works is it dumps emails into a temporary folder called "Copy to CRM" before it moves them to your inbox. Well that is simply not happening and now we are working out of this Copy to CRM folder.

Is anyone else using Connect and having these issues too? I am just wondering what the ETA is for the fix.

do you have any insight here? anything you can offer would be immensely helpful.

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