Connect not syncing - just us?

We use Connect and a couple of days ago our emails stopped syncing to Sugar from Outlook/O365.

I submitted a case and the determination was that there is some problem with the Microsoft API.

For two days I have basically heard nothing.

For those that are using Connect, is this effecting you too? Or is this us only? Us and some small number of users?

Our workflow is getting hammered as we now have to remember to sync anything we want. Plus the way Connect works is it dumps emails into a temporary folder called "Copy to CRM" before it moves them to your inbox. Well that is simply not happening and now we are working out of this Copy to CRM folder.

Is anyone else using Connect and having these issues too? I am just wondering what the ETA is for the fix.

do you have any insight here? anything you can offer would be immensely helpful.

  • It's been working for months with no problem.

    When I submitted the case, this is the last answer I got. I am trying to determine if this is all users, or some smaller number that includes us.

    I've tracked it down to some API errors. I'm not sure if our use of the MS API or if they changed something that is now triggering this, but I've reached out to our dev team for feedback. I'll follow up again, once we know more.

    Error messages we are capturing (during sync of Smartfolders and Sent):
    execute_request raise Office365ClientError(resp.status, error_data) office365_api.v2.exceptions.Office365ClientError: 400: ErrorInvalidUrlQuery: The '$filter' parameter value is not supported for 'Messages' resource; only a value of 'receivedDateTime ge value' is supported.

  • John,

    Sometime on September 26th it looks like Microsoft made a change to their API that broke how we query email for for the smart folder (Copy to CRM) archival flow. This issue is affecting more than Sugar Connect as there are reports on places like Stack Overflow where others have reported problems. A bug has been filed with Microsoft but we don't have an ETA on a fix. In the meantime, we are trying to find work arounds that we can perform to get this functionality working again.

    We're very sorry for the inconvenience when this feature suddenly stopped working. I'll post here as we learn more.


    Andrew Blue

    Product Manager - Sugar Connect

  • As a follow up, Microsoft has resolved the issue with their API. Emails placed into the Copy to CRM folder should now archive to Sugar without incident. 

    We developed a workaround to this issue but Microsoft resolved the core problem before we released any of our changes to production. Our workaround will be included in the next Sugar Connect release just in case this issue querying the Microsoft API arises again.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Andrew Blue

    Product Manager - Sugar Connect

  • This is such great news! We quickly learned how much Connect helps us.

    I appreciate the continued support.