Prevent Contact/Account duplicates


I would like a simple (no code) and quite intuitive way to avoid duplicates on Contacts and Accounts.

For Contacts, ideally, when the user creates a new one with the same email address and saves, a pop up is displayed afterwards.
(I don't see a way for this warning to happen during the creation of the contact).

For Accounts, I would like to have a pop up after saving if the name is the same.

If you have any best practices or good ideas, don't hesitate,

Thank you.

  • Hi ,

    The behavior you describe for accounts already exists in the stock product. If the name matches, Sugar will prompt the user with the potential duplicate where they have to choose whether to continue saving the new record:

    For contacts, identifying duplicates on email address is not possible without some level of coding to achieve as there are no configurable options in Sugar to change how the duplicate check functions for a given module. For Contacts specifically, it checks to see if there matching contact records starting with the first and last name strings (e.g. if you are trying to create a contact named 'Jan Har' it will find 'Jane Hark' and 'Jan Harvey' as potential duplicates).

  • It really would be an awesome enhancement to detect duplicate contacts by email address.... 

  • Hi Chris, thanks for your quick answer!

    For Acounts: Perfect this is a great feature.

    For Contacts: Ok, It doesn't seem to work on my instance, I'll check why. should not be very complicated to make this check and include it by default in Sugar...

  • Hi ,

    I'm happy to share that we published a new plug-in this week, Upsert Deduplicate! One of the features of the plug-in implements the ability to detect duplicates based off of the full email address or domain. There are a number of other great features in the plug-in to help keep your data integrity in check. Let me know if you would like a demo of the plug-in.