archiving old data

Looking for any best practices around archiving old Sugar data (leads, activities, opportunities) and keeping Sugar CRM current and viable for users.  

  • Hi Laurie,

    Please go through this link on how to delete the data which is not required and how data archiver works in SugarCRM.

    Hope this information is useful for you:)

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    Senior Solution Engineer.

  • Hi Laurie,

    After you follow the link to see "how" to do the archiving (hard delete or archive) you'll want to think through what your organization wants to retain and what can be deleted or archived.  The "Sugar Insights" link on the admin page will show you the amount of storage being used and that may be a consideration.

    We're required to keep three years of financial records for tax purposes, but as a general practice we keep email, call, and quote records for longer periods.   The pmse_BpmFlow records are only kept for about 4 months after they are no longer in process.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Bud Hartley | Oregon, USA (and Cape Foulwind, NZ)