Excel Add-in URL problem

I am trying to use the Excel Add-in v14.03.28 (64bit), however I am receiving the error Unable to connect to URL provided.

I have tried disabling the Add-In and re-enabling it without any success. I have also tried different networks to eliminate possible firewall rules.

Any suggestions on getting this add-in to work?

Many Thanks

  • I recently had the same issue with our cloud instance, and Sugar support team correct the issue.
    This was my issue: The error you are receiving is because those two plugins (Word/Excel) they don't allow for the IDM password method.
    However, there is a workaround we can do which is to enable legacy PWs for your instance. What this will do is allow you to use your 'sugar' user/pass combination to access just those plugins. I suggest contacting Sugar Support to see if it is possible for your instance.

  • Same over here, it worked before, but now have the same issue as reported by Hugh. We have an on-premisse installation.

    Bye now