Not able to create new custom module in Sugar 12 version

Hi SugarClub,

I am opening this question in this forum to check with all the clubmates if anyone of you are facing the same issue what we are facing. After upgrading to Sugar 12.0, we are not able to create new module in the Sugar instance. Initially we thought there might be some custom code which is blocking this. But later we tested and realised that this is not working even in plain fresh Sugar 12.0 instance which was installed using installer file. No proper clue regarding this issue in any of the logs like sugarcrm.log, php_error.log and apache logs. We have seen the same behaviour in multiple instance which are upgraded to 12 version. 

So, I am just wondering if any of our clubmates have faced this issue earlier and if yes how they have resolved this issue.

It is very tough if the stock developer tool like Module Builder is throwing these kind of issues and not useful for creating new modules in latest releases.

It will be very helpful and great if anyone of you are adding your ideas here!!

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Senior Solution Engineer,

  • Hi PK - Are the instances you're trying to create the module on all existing on the same hosting environment? Have you made sure you're using a Supported Platform?

    Also, you tagged this post with Sugar Sell & Sugar Enterprise. Are you seeing this in Sell in SugarCloud (and, if so, what edition - Premier, Advanced, Essentials), or is it only on hosted versions of Enterprise? 

    Also, can you please elaborate on the behavior you're seeing with being "not able to create new module in the Sugar instance"? Such as:

    • Where is the failure happening?
    • Is Module Builder not showing at all? 
    • Can you create the whole module, but it fails when deploying/exporting/etc?
    • Any on-screen error messages (you only mentioned the logs)?

    I hope these questions can help lead to some answers for you! 

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM |
    Digital CX Operations Director

  • Hi Alex Nassi,

    Thanks for your response. We are facing this issue on all instances (12.x) which are hosted on different servers. On all the servers where we are facing this issue are hosted on on-site servers and having all the Supported Platforms. It also happened in the local machine where we installed all the Sugar pre-requisites and setup the Sugar as well. This issue happened in Sugar Cloud instance as well and it was fixed by Sugar team by doing something from their end recently.

    Please find the below answers for your questions.

    • Where is the failure happening? - After creating a module and while trying to deploy.
    • Is Module Builder not showing at all? - It is visible as expected
    • Can you create the whole module, but it fails when deploying/exporting/etc? - Correct.
    • Any on-screen error messages (you only mentioned the logs)? - No errors in the console, but some errors related to Elasticsearch in logs like
      (Connection died, Executing emergency package uninstall: Custom_Modules, died with message: There is no action by that name)

    As you know that to create any new module, we need to create a package and then create a module and deploy it.Please find the steps which were followed to create the new module and deploy it.

    1) Navigate to Module Builder: Admin > Developer Tools > Module Builder.
    2) Click on New Package.
    3) Entered the fields: a) Package Name b) Author c) Key
    4) Click on "New Module" button.
    5) Entered the fields: a) Module Name b) Plural Label c) Singular Label
    6) Checked the "Allow Imports" box.
    7) Selected the "Basic" module template
    8) Clicked on "Save" button.
    9) Navigated back to Module Builder > Package
    10) Clicked on "Save" button.
    11) Clicked on "Deploy" button.

    After doing these steps, the expected output is the new module should be deployed successfully and this should be available in Studio for doing further customisations (like adding fields, relationships) etc.

    Actual result we are facing - While deploying the package, it never deploys and module is not shown in module builder and studio.

    I hope this information is clear. Thank you.

    Best Regards,