Projects Module

The project module was just released a few months ago.  Does anyone have any nice training module for users?  I want to training and I'm only finding old information.

Thank you, Sandy

  • Hi Sandy, most of our Sugar clients typically will create a new module using module loader to support how they want to use Sugar for managing projects. This way, it's a blank slate.

    In some cases, coupled with the excellent Customer Journey Plugin, a new module built with module builder is a far better solution to trying to make the Projects Module work.

    Out of 100's Sugar systems we've built for our clients - I don't think a single one has used the Projects module.

    I hope this helps!

    James - SUGABYTE

  • Hi, since the module already has the gantt chart built my thought was to use the out of the box as a starting point and add modifications need to fit our business needs.  

    Thanks for the info.


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