Elasticsearch not working after upgrade. Module loader also blank

I upgraded our instance to 11.0.3, and removed / reinstalled elasticsearch 7.16.1 which is the recommended version. I confirmed elasticsearch service was running, and showing the correct version in Linux. I queued a full system index in Sugar, and it's not working. Error log just shows:

Tue Jun 28 07:24:05 2022 [2208][1][FATAL] Job abedb876-f6d4-11ec-b47c-109836af9d37 (Elasticsearch Queue Consumer) failed in CRON run,

Also, someone noticed that a costum 3rd party extension we have for Pandadoc e-signing is missing. I went to the module loader to see about maybe updating the package, and my module loader is totally blank:

Which is very puzzling to me. I've never seen that after an upgrade. It didn't happen on my sandbox which I updated prior. 

Hope someon can shed some light on these two issues for me. Thank you.