Description Field Not Searchable/Being recognized by Process Definition

Hey All,

Our leads have a Description text field that is automatically populated when leads are created and info is pushed from our ERP.

I've found that some of Description text fields are not searchable. I also tried creating a Sugar BPM rule that changed a field on the lead based on this text field as well. However, they don't seem to be getting picked up.

It seems to be for strings of text that have a "-" with no space immediately after. For example "XYZ-ABC" is not searchable but "XYZ - ABC" is.

Any idea what the root of this could be?

Thank you,


  • Hi Andrew, this does sound like strange behavior. I would recommend filing a case with Support so they can look into it and file a bug if needed. It seems like it could be a bug, but I haven't been able to find one that matches what you're describing.

    The fact that you have already narrowed it down that far is a great start though!