Issue with fields_meta_data.id_c after upgrading to 11.0.3

I completed an upgrade on our sandbox instance from SugarEnt 9.0.0 > 11.0.3.

After I was finished with the upgrade to 11.0.3, I ran a QRR and there was some mismatches with the database. I executed all of the SQL commands except one, which is trying to alter the fields_meta_data.id_c field to 36 (CHAR) field type. Evidently, many years ago someone must have done a customization on this SugarCRM installation to change the properties of fields_meta_data.id_c column. It is 255len (VARCHAR) field, and instead of having a 36-char key as the value, in my fields_meta_data table, the id field is just a copy of the field name (see img below):

Over 40 records in the fields_meta_data table have an existing id that is longer than 36 characters. My question is simply: what should I do to rectify this? I reached out to Sugar Support and they directed me here, as they say this must have been caused by a past customization. Willl greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

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